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Parents & Birth

Pastor Femi or PFO as he is popularly known and addressed, was born into the family of Josiah Akinsola and Modupe Adejoke Otenigbagbe on Thursday 7th  of October, 1971. He was named Olufemi Akintayo Kolawole.


Pastor Femi had a wonderful youth growing up in a lovely, close-knit family with 3 other siblings – His lovely elder sister, Pastor (Mrs) Temitope Akinsiku, His elder brother, Pastor Adedapo Otenigbagbe, and his younger brother, Pastor Oluwasijibomi Otenigbagbe. His siblings are married to wonderful spouses all of whom he has special relationships with. They are: Pastor Wale Akinsiku, Mrs Busola Otenigbagbe and Mrs Ibironke Otenigbagbe.

Spouse & Daughter

On May 5 2001, he married his sweetheart, Abiola Adeola (then Fasina), the second daughter of  Dr  Ayoola &  Mrs Adenike  Fasina  (of blessed Memory)  and sister to Dr Adewunmi Olusina and Mrs Adenike Lawal.

Their union is blessed with their precious multi-talented and exceptional daughter Ruthie- Golda. In their union, they have also been privileged to impact the lives of several children of God whom He has brought to them to nurture and groom in the way of the Lord, several of whom are present here today.

Pastor Abiola is an ordained Minister in Christ Embassy and Ruthie-Golda is an ordained Cell leader.


Growth and Intelligence

Pastor Femi has always shown a streak of intelligence, as a matter of fact, he was known in the family as a mathematician. He attended Grace Children’s School and whilst there, there was an announcement by the then Lagos State Governor, that to attend a Government Secondary School such as Baptist Academy, Igbobi College, St Gregory’s College and so on, the child had to have completed his primary education in a Government Primary School. Seeing that him attending one of these Secondary Schools was his Dad’s desire for him, his Dad took him out of Grace Children’s School and enrolled him into Opebi Primary School.

The streak of intelligence was very apparent such that, even though he was the youngest in the class, he was made a School Prefect.

Upon completing his Primary Education, he moved straight to Igbobi College, where he attended his First Year of Secondary Education. By this time, the Federal Government Secondary School system had evolved dynamically, and his Dad wanted him to move to a Federal Government Secondary School.

Pastor Femi sat for the entrance examinations and he was one of the top 10 across the country, actually number 7 (seven).

While his Dad was waiting for the letter to either send him to King’s College or Federal Government College Ijanikin, the politics of the country took a toll on the system and the letter never arrived.

Pastor Femi’s Dad then went to the  Ahmadu  Bello  Office of the  Federal Ministry of Education and found out that his son’s name that he saw on number 7, was no longer on the list, as the list has been changed. It was quite infuriating for the man and despite all his shouting and roaring, he was advised by one of the staff, that since his son was truly intelligent, he should choose any other Federal government college in the country, as it was too late to get him into King’s College or FGC Ijanikin.

His Dad chose Federal Government College Minna because he wanted someone to look after his small-statured son and his own younger brother, Colonel Yomi Otenigbagbe was in the Military Cantonment Minna, Niger State. Furthermore, the Vice-Principal Administration of the School, Federal Government College Minna, Mr Sonde was also a personal friend to the Colonel.

While in Minna, Femi was fondly referred to as “Otens” among his classmates. His academic prowess was evident as he was always one of the best in  Mathematics.  The School Certificate Examinations saw him succeed in all his 8 Subjects, with 7 A grades and 1 C grade.

With this result, he was admitted into the University of Lagos, howbeit, for his second choice of study, Zoology (his first choice was Medicine, like almost every other child at that time). His elder brother, Pastor Dapo, was also studying Zoology at the University of Ibadan.

Pastor Femi graduated as one of the best 4 in his Zoology class and proceeded to Port Harcourt for his Youth Service.

Work Experience & Professionalism

Pastor Femi relocated to Port-Harcourt Nigeria for his National Youth Service program, and whilst there, his entrepreneurial skills came to light as he took on the role of a control manager in a company catering for Shell. He continued with this role even after completing the program the following year.

Then he began exploring business ideas and opportunities and began making and selling clothes and soon afterwards, returned to Lagos. With the assistance of his lovely sister, who

at this time had gone to the United Kingdom, he also got involved in the profitable distribution of Corporate gifts and before long, he had his first break. The money he made was not as much an issue to him, as he was more interested in building a business.

As a result of the influence of his elder sister (Pastor Tope) and his younger brother (Pastor Siji), he built contacts in the insurance sector and consequently had people working for him as he built the business. His clothing business grew as he began dressing up some professionals in bespoke designs which he created himself.

Pastor Femi decided to improve himself and enrolled for the MBA in University of Lagos which at that time was, the most expensive in the country (for MBA Studies) as Lagos Business School was just commencing operations. He sponsored this improvement project through his business proceeds.

Few of his colleagues in the MBA class asked him for job contacts and when he linked them with an aunt in the banking sector, his father told him to also to take up Banking. At this time, his elder brother (Pastor Dapo) was already a Banker but he (Femi) did not like Banking because of its pressures and risks.

With pressure from his Dad and his Man of God, Pastor Chris however, he joined the banking sector.

His first stint in banking was at the then Gamji Bank which was later renamed International trust Bank. He worked at International Trust Bank for 14 months as an Internal control Officer before leaving to join Societe General Bank where he worked for 10 months as a Resident Branch Controller and Field Inspector.

He moved to Access Bank (in July 2001) and stayed there for only one day before moving to Intercontinental Bank (because he did not like the Access Bank vibes).

For many years, he wanted to leave Intercontinental Bank as he received many offers to move to higher ranks and other opportunities but was consistently restrained by his Pastor (Rev Chris Oyakhilome). He remained at Intercontinental Bank Plc for 10 years where he was one of the forerunners in the Bank pertaining to the global swing to Enterprise Bank Management as against the conventional audit practice.

While at Intercontinental Bank, he held several portfolios at different times including:

  1. a. Heading the Investigations & Fraud department of the Bank
  2. b. Heading the Investigations Unit
  3. c. Heading the Records & Reconciliation department of the Inspections group
  4. d. Serving as Field Inspector in the Field Inspection Department during which he criss-crossed the country, carrying out audit on branches in the bank to ensure compliance with regulatory stipulations as well as with the Bank’s policies and procedures.
  5. e. Carrying out Credit review analyses as well as working with the chief inspector on Adhoc cases

One faithful day in 2010, he was called to come over to do a turnaround job for the bank owned by the ministry, Parallex Microfinance Bank. In earlier years, Pastor Femi had told his wife that God had shown him that before the age 40, he would become the Managing Director of a Bank; something that would not have been possible under normal circumstances; however with God, seemingly impossible things become possible.

No surprise therefore on 1st  November 2010, he took up the leadership of the Parallex MicroFinance Bank, at age 39.

Whilst at Parallex MicroFinance Bank, he has to his credit, the following achievements amongst others:

  1. a. Made the Bank one of the most technologically-driven Microfinance Banks in the country
  2. b. Midwifed the organic growth of the bank from a unit to state and finally to a National Microfinance Bank with paid-up capital in excess of N2.7Billion; growing the Bank’s balance sheet from less than N200million
  3. c. Worked tirelessly to ensure that the MicroFinance Bank grew and became licensed as the first MicroFinance Bank to convert to a Regional Commercial Bank.

Pastor Femi served as the MD/CEO of Parallex Bank for 10 years and resigned voluntarily in accordance with the CBN regulations for Financial Institutions.

It is important to note that in 2015, Pastor Femi successfully obtained his M.Sc. Financial Management Services from the Salford University, United Kingdom.

Pastor Femi was called upon from his retirement after 9 months by his Pastor, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, to embark on another turnaround assignment for the Ministry, at the Ministry-owned Refuge Mortgage Bank. This is one of his current assignments within the Ministry where he is a Senior Pastor and Ministry Director and Stakeholder.


Ministry Growth & Development

Pastor Femi was brought into Christ Embassy while he was still a teenager, by his older Sister, Pastor Temitope Akinsiku in the year 1990. He was and still is a consistent and dynamic person with a clear focus and path ahead of him. His upbringing and the passionate and always timely intervention of his mum, Mrs Modupe Adejoke Otenigbagbe (of blessed memory) contributed greatly to his focus and drive.

In Christ Embassy, he was actively involved in the cell Ministry, rising from being a cell member into leadership positions. He rose through the leadership rank and became the leader of the PCF Avantgarde (pioneered by Pastor Tony Ikeokwu who handed over to Pastor Gloria Erekpaine and she handed over to him). His leadership of the PCF had great accomplishments in terms of growth, spiritual, numerical and financial including several of the members being successfully counselled and they blossomed into great dimensions in life and ministry, including his friend and brother, Pastor Femi Olumurewa who is currently a Zonal Pastor and to whom Pastor Femi handed over the Avantgarde PCF to.

He was sent out as a pioneering Minister and Pastor at various times and always came back with great results.

He was officially ordained as a Minister of the gospel official in the year 1998, and he got involved more in spiritual matters.

Following his ordination, he continued to carry out Ministry everywhere he went and was soon given several other mantles of leadership. He travelled to India on Ministry assignment together with Pastor Lekan Balogun and together with Pastor ThankGod Eneh and Pastor Isaac Aggarwal, they pioneered the first Christ Embassy church.

Following series of leadership roles including Church Pastor and being a Group Pastor with several Churches under his charge, in 2012, Pastor Femi was ordained a Zonal Pastor in a celebrated Ministry event in Johannesburg South Africa. He carried on this role and shortly after, was appointed a Ministry Director, taking on the designation of Zonal Director.

Pastor Femi was the Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 3, a Zone which covered Nigeria, South-East  Asia including India, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines as well as Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde.

In addition to the amazing growth experienced by the Zone while in his charge, a trend which continued from his predecessor, Pastor Chidi Ezimako, Pastor Femi led the Zone to greater heights including the purchase of several properties and the development of the Loveworld Place facility, the Zonal worship center for the Zone. The Loveworld Place facility including the restrooms at the time of completion was indeed an outstanding example of what Grace can produce.

The Music Ministry across the Zone as well as the Teens Ministry in the Zone were amongst those impacted in very particular ways during his tenure. Every child, woman and man, regardless of their generation and status were impacted and this was evidenced in the willingness and eagerness of the people to participate in Ministry at all levels.


Pastor Femi is a family-man and that is evident in his relationship with his relatives as well as those of his lovely wife, Pastor Abiola. His honesty and forthrightness endeared him to Pastor Abiola Parents (Dr Ayo & Mrs Nike Fasina – of blessed memory), siblings and other relatives. With particular reference is Pastor Abiola’s uncle, Otunba Biyi Durojaiye who only recently went home to be with the Lord.

Pastor Femi’s time with his family is always qualitative and indeed quantitative as he prizes family specially. The time spent in prayer and communion with the Lord is worthy of emulation. Very keen in spirit and sensitive to the Holy Spirit, Pastor Femi has amazing testimonies in his life which time does not permit that we get into at this moment.


A certified Fraud Examiner par excellence of over 15 years and counting, Pastor Femi is a:

i. Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners USA (ACFE)
ii. Member of the Institute for Internal Controls (CICA)
iii. Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
iv. Member of the Chartered Economists of Nigeria (ICEN)
v. Member of the Institute of Risk Management (AMIRM)
vi. Member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) – CRISC
vii. Member of the Institute of Directors (IOD) Nigeria
viii. Member of the Society of Corporate Governance Nigeria
ix. Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (MCIB)
x. Fellow of the Association of Enterprise Risk Management Professionals xi. Fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management – Chartered (FNIM)
xii. Fellow of the Association of Forensic Accounting Researchers (AFAR)
xiii. Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants

Today, we celebrate a selfless man who loves God passionately

• A man who is never given to entitlement
• A man who would serve rather than be served
• A man full of humility, honesty, devotion, self-control,
• A man who has blessed lives and about whose impact generations continue to testify
• An ardent, fervent and meticulous soul-winner
• A man of impeccable character
• A just disciplinarian
• A man of integrity: Forthright and Diligent
• A Family-oriented Man: Passionate and Compassionate
• An Excellent Solution Provider
• An Unparalleled Professional
• An Astute Risk Manager
• A Corporate Governance Expert
• An Audacious Limit Breaker
• We Salute one whose love for the Lord is unparalleled
• One whose service to God and His Kingdom remain untainted
• A man whose respect and love for his Man of God remain undisputed
• A man whose love for God and family continually manifest in everything that he does

We celebrate Today, Pastor Olufemi Akintayo Kolawole Jedidiah Otenigbagbe at 50. Hurray!!!

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